The Drag.Jpeg Project is a new creative showcase highlighting the artistry of local Edmonton drag performers through the mediums of photography, cinematography, and performance. This is meant to be an archive for queer stories, past and present, and a testament to drag’s power to entertain, introspect, and bring about change.

"Drag.Jpeg isn't merely a project; it's a visual anthem for all those who have ever felt different, ever dared to dream, and ever stood out in the crowd."

- Brendan Roy (Executive Producer and Photographer)

There’s a profound difference between a performer in and out of drag. By photographing both the persona and the individual behind it — we capture and reveal the human element to the art form itself. We are challenging the hate leveled at drag, centering empathy and understanding of the individuals behind the big personalities and flashy theatre.

We’re here to break barriers and empower marginalized voices through authentic representation and fair compensation. We are advocating for equitable treatment within the often-undervalued field of drag artistry. We have endeavored to make a lasting, inclusive impact — not just locally but on a global scale.


Through documenting queer history, celebrating artistic excellence, and creating a transformative experience, the project aspires to create a more accepting and appreciative world for the queer community and beyond.

Welcome to Drag.Jpeg. Let’s get to know each other.



Drag.Jpeg Artistic Statement

Drag - a canvas of unbridled expression, an embodiment of artistry, and a testament to the strength of character. Beyond the glitz and glamour, drag is a poignant reminder of the beauty in defiance, the joy in individuality, and the power in owning one's narrative. 

At the crossroads of my personal experience and professional passion lies Drag.Jpeg. As someone who stands out both by design and circumstance, I've intimately felt the challenges and rewards of being different. With a height that towers over most, being on the spectrum, and identifying as queer, I've lived the narrative of both blending in and standing out. For 10 years, my lens as a professional photographer has been a window into countless stories, emotions, and moments. 

Yet, in "Drag.jpeg," I find my most profound personal and artistic convergence. "Drag.jpeg" isn't merely a project; it's a visual anthem for all those who have ever felt different, ever dared to dream, and ever stood out in the crowd. 

Alongside my team at Boundless Photo and Film Studios, I've cultivated a space where creativity knows no bounds. But with Drag.Jpeg, I'm returning to my roots, speaking directly to my queerness, celebrating artists that defy convention, and amplifying voices that often go unheard. Through it all my artistic manifesto shines: Find your spark amidst our changing world, discover the radiance that's uniquely yours, and with unwavering conviction, create fearlessly." 

My path with "Drag.jpeg" is a shared journey. Every frame, every face, every story interwoven creates a mosaic that's as much mine as it is yours. This isn't merely an artistic endeavour—it's a collective uprising, a heartfelt tribute that bridges diverse experiences and celebrates self-expression at its core.

About The Photographer

Ten years ago, I embraced photography as my true artistic calling, and today, that passion drives me to create beautiful and meaningful artwork for my clients. My journey began with sports and creative portraiture during my high school years, where I found photography to be a powerful outlet for self-expression. From taking on my first wedding shoot at the age of 15 to relocating to Edmonton at 17 to pursue a degree in Photographic Technology at NAIT, I have continuously refined my technical and creative abilities, resulting in the establishment of a thriving photo and video production company in Edmonton.

My path to Drag.Jpeg

Over the past decade, my passion for visual storytelling has transformed alongside my artistic practice as a photographer. While I have enjoyed capturing authentic stories through weddings and portraits, there has always been a longing within me to create a more personal body of work, which brought me to the Drag.jpeg project. The vibrant realm of drag, with its emphasis on self-expression and its ability to empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves while unapologetically defining the confines of conformity, deeply resonates with my own unique path of self-discovery. Within the Drag.Jpeg project, I aim to showcase the incredible stories of local drag performers who unabashedly defy social conventions in the name of self-expression and performative art. Through this project, I aim to inspire others to embrace their authenticity, to revel in their unique narratives, and carve their own path amidst a world that often seeks conformity.

  • Emma Grant

    Graphic Design and Assistant Director

  • Aldynne H. Belmont

    Writing and Marketing

  • Alexander Drost

    Director and Video Editor

  • Ramona Ehlert

    Web Development and Marketing

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